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Hebrews 3:4 "For every house is built by a man; But he that built all things is God"

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Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings include, but are not limited to RV and Camper Storage, Church Buildings, Office Buildings, and Restaurants. RV and camper storage require a building that has a great amount of room, as well as durability. Moss Building Systems is a perfect solution for RV and camper storage of any capacity. Whether you are needing space for small personal trailers, C-class RVs, or even a Class A pusher, we will be proud to be your partner in constructing whole new RV storage facilities that are able to accommodate dozens, or even hundreds, of RVS and campers. Our wood frame storage solutions are perfect for this application, as this type of construction will protect your home away from home extremely well, and keep it safe until the next adventure.

When planning to build a church, the main concern may be cost. This concern can be minimized by considering Moss Building Systems for the construction of your new place of worship. Compared to traditional steel on slab construction, our designs give you at least as much creativity in design, including steeples, windows, covered porch and foyer areas etc., at a fraction of the price of stick-built traditional construction. The wide-open spaces afforded by our engineered wood trusses and high tensile steel panels for the external facia make for wonderful inside meeting and worship spaces.

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